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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Dr. Robert Weil
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Dr. Virgie Ellington, Internal Medicine Physician, Author & Medical Billing & Healthcare…

Chuck and Julie Show
New Show Topic

The red pills are working.  ABC and WaPo are stunned as the latest polls show Trump trouncing Biden…

Zooey Zephyr
New Show Topic

ANOTHER ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY!  Last week, we had Rep. Gloria Johnson from Tennessee to discuss the…

5 year old boy smiling
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                 PEACEFUL PARENTING & MORE   Do you yearn to have a peaceful and happy…

Blog entry

Blog By : BBS Radio TV Staff - May 06, 2023

Chuck and Julie Show
New Show Topic

Author and commentator Judd Dunning talks about the “Patriot’s Path for Tucker Carlson”.  Plus Ben…

Jim Marshall on Responder Resilience
New Show Topic

The Resilient 911 Professional—Can Dispatchers Survive & Thrive?| S3 E19 Join us in this…

The Bev Moore Show with Douglas Vermeeren
New Show Topic

Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station…

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