69 Melodies with Sheba and Judah

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69 Melodies

69 Melodies with Sheba and Judah
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Sheba and Judah

Join Sheba and Judah as they reclaim the rainbow and help save marriages with their OFF THE CUFF, UN traditional marriage and sex counseling podcast.


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Sheba and Judah
Sheba and Judah

Sex has always been taboo among people of faith.

However God gave of this gift as sacred blessing of Holy Matrimony

... to help foster deeper connection between spouses

and form bonds that last a lifetime and generations beyond!

Sheba and Judah are two ladies that know the value of love,

want to explore the taboos of love with their audience,

and de stigmatize the acts and thoughts that may perpetuate the notion

that Christian love is somehow limited.

Let's all move beyond past archaic belief systems and learn to love again!


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