Untold Mysteries with John Kuhles

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Untold Mysteries

Untold Mysteries with John Kuhles, banner
Show Host: 
John Kuhles

Hello, my name is John Kuhles, i am from the Netherlands, born in 1966.

I am an independent 'detective like' UFO-researcher for 16 years now.

My First UFO-Encounter was on 15-07-1990 1.40 AM, as a security-officer on duty.

Filmed 2 times an UFO, one making 90 degree turn and the other was a succesfull CE-5 initiative, it changed my life forever... ALSO (!) because of my Near Death Experience (NDE) when i was 5 year old, I had already a different view on our so called "education" sytem and our "free" mainstream media.

Organised several International UFO-conferences in Amsterdam 1992-1996, all sold-out! (first was 550, second 1100 people!) Gave over 80 UFO-lectures, learned from Military, Police, Pilots who had UFO-encounters in Holland.

Was co-founder of Contact Network International with a magazine called "Exposure!".

I have been on Dutch National TV about UFOs & Real X Files over 22 times, (local TV not included).

Made my own 2 hour RadioTalk Show called "Exposure Radio Live"
- 1 year later: "Exposure TV" on local TV Amsterdam. 1992-1996

Gave also several workshops with the title "Finding your missing Link"
- using my own "Alien & Atlantean symbols" (soon online) to connect 'star'-people with success! 1998

2000-2006 making Alternative Media on internet, with lot of audio and self made RealVideo's.

My 3 Gigabyte Free Multimedia Site:


Some of my (co) initiatives on internet: