Temple of Health Radio Show hosted by Dr. Susan E. Kolb, MD, FACS, ABHM

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TALK SHOW PROGRAM PAGE - Temple of Health Radio Show

Temple of Health Radio Show

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan E. Kolb, banner
Dr. Susan E. Kolb, MD, FACS, ABHM

In 1998, Susan E. Kolb, M.D., F.A.C.S. created Dr. Susan On-Call radio show to educate the public about the latest breakthroughs in health, science and spirituality. In 2003, we added additional medical expert co-hosts in the fields of holistic and traditional medicine and decided renamed the show Temple of Health to correspond with our mind~body~spirit approach.

Each week we bring the audience a personalized educational experience with leading authors, national and local experts on the following topics: Traditional and Holistic Medicine Integrative Health Philosophies Spiritual Growth and Fulfillment Scientific Breakthroughs Various Medical Disorders Including: Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, Depression, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Nutrition, Auto Immune Diseases and Many More.

Over the past nine years, Dr. Kolb’s radio shows have captured the attention of a vast demographic that includes an upscale market segment comprised of health conscious consumers in addition to traditional and holistic physicians and practitioners.

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Headlined Guests!

Guest, Dr Eric Love June 27, 2015
Guest, Mark Anthony June 20, 2015
Guest, Dr Jim Roach June 13, 2015
Guest, Michael Ryce June 6, 2015
Guest, Mada Eliza Dalian April 25, 2015
Guest, Colleen Mauro April 18, 2015
Guest, Margaret M. Lynch April 4, 2015
Guest, John G. Ryan, MD March 7, 2015
Guest, Christopher Vasey N.D. February 28, 2015
Guest, Kedar Prasad February 14, 2015
Guest, Melissa Escaro February 7, 2015
Guest, Cindy Bentley January 31, 2015
Guest, Miriam Knight January 17, 2015
Guest, Temple Hayes January 10, 2015
Guest, Sonja Grace January 3, 2015
Guest, Tom Paladino December 27, 2014
Guest, Jeannine Wiest November 22, 2014
Guest, Stephanie Sorrell October 11, 2014
Guest, Edward Kondrot September 28, 2013
Guest, Sonia Barrett September 21, 2013
Guest, Maureen Healey September 14, 2013


Dr. Susan E. Kolb, MD, FACS, ABHM
Dr. Susan E. Kolb, MD, FACS, ABHM Websites: Main Website - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - millennium health care, plastikos, gynecomastia, clitoral unhooding, labia plasty surgeon
Talk Show Host, Highly Accredited and Acclaimed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Holistic Medical Practitioner, Spiritual Alternative Healer, Author, Researcher

Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1985 and the American Board of Holistic Medicine in 2001.

Dr. Kolb graduated from Johns Hopkins University and received her medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine. She completed her post-graduate education in plastic surgery and general surgery at Wilford Hall Medical Center. Specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kolb has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1985 and is a founding diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, American Holistic Medical Association and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Kolb has been in private practice in the Atlanta area since 1988 and is also the founder of Plastikos Surgery Center. Plastikos was established in 1995 as a holistic surgery center incorporating many disciplines of alternative medicine and spiritual healing. Dr. Kolb hosts a weekly radio program “Temple of Health” every Saturday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm on www.RadioSandySprings.com - which offers a variety of informative topics on holistic and spiritual medicine as well as health and fitness.

Susan Kolb, M.D., FACS, is the Founder of Millennium Healthcare and Avatar Cancer Center. She is a recognized authority on energy healing and spiritual medicine as well as one of Atlanta's leading plastic surgeons. Dr. Kolb incorporates holistic, spiritual, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the teachings of ancient healers into her modern surgery practice.

Other sites that Dr. Kolb is featured on:

Dr. Kolb and Labiaplasty
Dr. Kolb and Clitoral Unhooding
Dr. Kolb and Gynecomastia


Phi Beta Kappa 1975 to Present
Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Membership 1978 to Present


American Board of Plastic Surgery 1985
American Board of Holistic Medicine 2001


Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons 1976 to 1988
Fellow American College of Surgeons 1987 to Present
American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons 1985 to Present
American Holistic Medical Association 1996 to Present
American Holistic Health Association 1998 to Present
The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies And Energy Medicine 1999 to Present
Noetic Science 1994 to Present

Our concept is based on traditional medicine and alternative medicine working hand-in-hand to provide patients with an integrative model of care. Temple of Health is the logo for our three centers: Plastikos Surgery Center which is the Temple Beautiful, Millennium Healthcare which is the Temple of Sacred Medicine, and Avatar Cancer Center which is the Temple Illuminati.

Plastikos Surgery Center was established in 1995 as a holistic surgery center incorporating many disciplines of alternative medicine including energy medicine and spiritual healing.

Millennium Healthcare was founded in 1998 as an extension of Plastikos, due to the interest of the Plastikos patients to have a center which could address medical as well as surgical health concerns.

Avatar Cancer Center was established in 1999 as a center for adjunctive treatment of cancer and life threatening viral illnesses. The center's vision is to help people access Integrative Healing services at a comprehensive Center of Excellence.

Plastikos Surgery Center, Millennium Healthcare and Avatar Cancer Center feature an interdisciplinary group of caregivers, physicians and non-physicians, who provide an integrative model of care that blends western and complementary approaches.

Avatar Cancer Center incorporates energy and immune therapies to aid in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. The combined goal of the centers under the Temple of Health is to facilitate the connection of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body as we continue in this time of planetary spiritual development.


reception photo
operating room photo
Operating Room
recovery rm photo
Recovery Room

Millennium Healthcare
4370 Georgetown Sqr.
Atlanta, GA 30338

Phone: 770-390-0012
Phone: (770) 457-4677
Fax: 770-457-4428




The Lastest Talk Show Program Information

Upcoming, Temple of Health Radio Show, June 27, 2015

Broadcast Date: 
June 27, 2015

Spoken of by many as one of the greatest living masters of the Bach Flower Remedies, Dr. Love has the oldest ongoing classes in the Bach Remedies in the world, forty years, and has worked with over 100,000 people.

He has been a practicing Homeopath now for forty years, although he is no longer in private practice.  He has served as Founder and Director of the International Association of Homeopathy, based in Montana, for 18 years.  And he has been honored to train many thousands of individuals from Hong Kong to Israel, and around the United States. who now use his healing approach.

The International Association of Homeopathy offers a one year Certification Program with distance learning, and apprenticeship with Dr. Love. You will receive your Certified Homeopath, Certified Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and Homeopathic Certification in the Treatment of Animals.

Dr. Love has developed a new level of Healing using the Homeopathic approach to the Bach Remedies.  His approach is much more effective, and helpful, and way more powerful, than the way the Flowers are currently being used.  In the Certification Program he personally guides a student through the gateways and doorways and hidden gates, of their own individual Healing Process.  And then he teaches you how to Heal others.

A student learns how to heal dis-ease and how to understand emotions.  The emphasis is not on science but on Healing.  With a Ph.D. in Religion, Dr. Love approaches all healing from the Spiritual, because “the curative power is in the Soul.”

In the Natural Healing Movement today, and in our culture, no one is treating the Emotional Component and healing it, satisfactorily.  Most practitioners simply ignore it, and skirt around it. Dr. Love was honored to be asked to speak for each of the last three years at the Naturopathic Medical School in Arizona.

When he spoke, he told the students:

“You guys are paying $150,000 to go through medical school. But no one…no professor, no class…no teacher, is teaching you how to heal the Emotional Component and how to heal the Emotional – Spiritual Conflict inside a person, which is the root cause of dis-ease.”

“If it’s Emotional I can show you how to heal it. Because the Emotional – Spiritual Conflict, and the Emotional Component is absolutely and definitely… the true root cause… the original cause of all dis-ease and pain. And no one is addressing it, healing it, and taking care of it”


At the International Association of Homeopathy a student learns how to heal their Shadow, their Darkness, their Shadow Side.  They learn how to do the deepest and most powerful Inner Child Work, or Shadow Work. They learn how to heal the Emotional – Spiritual Conflict within themselves.  And they learn how to help other people.

Dr. Love has authored three books: 

  • The Art of Healing
  • Physician Heal Thyself
  • Personality Profiles of the Bach Flower Remedies

All available from the author.

Those who wish to learn natural healing, Wholistic medicine, or healing the inner self, give him a call.

A hot cup of tea, a cold and windy afternoon, might be just the right time to chat.