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The People Speak Radio with Various Hosts and Produced by Mike Kim
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The People Speak with Many Hosts

The People Speak Radio is concerned with a passion for guests from the realms of entertainment, the arts, literature, philosophy, politics, activism, healing & environmentalism - all of whom are united by a desire to share their experiences, work, organizations and talents with others in order to make a difference for the better.

A live, hour-long format featuring host/guest interviews and a segment of audience questions for the guest, the goal is to entertain, involve, inform, perhaps, even inspire. Past guests booked on previous productions: Oliver Stone, Roseanne Barr, Howard Zinn, Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright, Juan Mendez, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Ellen Brown, Jim Musselman, Edgar Mitchell, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Noam Chomsky, Tommy Chong, George Galloway, Frank Cavestani, Ron Kovic, Becky Lourey, Cynthia McKinney, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Mary Youngblood, Pete Seeger, Willie Nelson, Joyce Riley and the rapper Immortal Technique.

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6:00 pm PT
6:55 pm PT