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Spirit of the Dawn with Caroline Ra

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Caroline Ra

I am Pleiadian Emissary of Light Caroline Ra. Welcome to Spirit of the Dawn! Please join me each Thursday as my guests and I provide insights into our changing world, share inspirational messages, and reveal advanced spiritual teachings. Meet healers, writers, artists, filmmakers, and visionaries all here on missions to co-create positive change, assist with personal and planetary transformation, and inspire spiritual evolution.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to health, empowerment, and joyful creativity. May we all awaken to our true essence of light and love. May we join together and co-create a world of beauty, love, and joy. A world of harmony!


Caroline Ra, Pleiadian Emissary of Light
Caroline Ra Websites: Main Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
Pleiadian Emissary of Light, Soul Aspect of Ra, Spiritual Teacher & Writer, Radio Show Host, Visionary Intuitive, Energy Healer, Raw Foods Artist

Pleiadian Emissary of Light Caroline Ra assists with Personal and Planetary Rebirth through Spirit of the Dawn Show - Inspirational and Empowering Interviews, Caroline Ra Cuisine - celebrating the Magic of Alchemically Prepared Organic Plant-based Foods, Each New Day Blog - Messages inspiring Positive Transformation, Creativity, Empowerment, Health, and Unconditional Love, Spirit oft he Dawn Healing - Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing supported by the Healing Wisdom of Flowers, and Spirit of the Dawn Store - Tools and Products for Personal Transformation and Creativity. "We are all Alchemists of our own Lives, our own Soul's Journey, and as we do our own Personal Healing we can then join together to Heal our Mother, our Home."

THE STORY OF ASCENSION Part One There was a time when I was a visitor on your planet as a diplomat from the Pleiades. The situation was much worse than it is now as terror, fear, and corruption were much more prevalent. Glimpses of light could be seen in the children`s eyes, but there was little hope as total enslavement of the population grew closer. We debated amongst ourselves how to rectify the situation. I was in favor of a peaceful and gradual solution. I held deep in my heart that all would be well and the sunshine would break through the clouds and the flowers would dance once again. The beings who were controlling the planet created a small but substantial explosion in the area known as Europe. Their plan was to cover up the evidence of something they had done. Mother Earth spoke to our group and told us that we needed to leave the planet immediately. That she could take no more abuse, no more pain, and that she was going to destroy her physical body using the energy from the smaller explosion to create a massive explosion. She requested we report to the Galactic Federation about all that had happened. We left on our spaceship and watched in shock as the Earth, this Earth, exploded. We did not know what to say to each other. We blamed ourselves. We wished we had done more - much more. After reporting to the Federation, I returned with others to our home planet in the Pleiades. We brought with us an energy of hopelessness and despair. This energy pervaded the planet and our personal lives. My wife who had been a blossoming flower grew old quickly and chose to disembody. My beautiful children grew up and grew away from me distancing themselves from my energy and my pain. I searched deep in my heart for a solution. I went to the Holy Temple and declared to God and the Universe, I want to go back - to go back -to go back! And I have!

Part Two A comprehensive plan was put together in accordance with divine will and Universal law. It was decided that we go back in time and redo the situation to achieve a different outcome. It was also decided that help from those not incarnating on Earth would be limited to support and protection. That we and our forces would need to incarnate as humans on the planet, participate in the karma of the planet, the pain, and the drama. We would also get to experience the beauty of life on Earth through many lifetimes as healers, teachers, and leaders. As the time of the Great Explosion approached the light held by the people would be boosted tremendously by incoming waves of highly advanced souls - our children of today. It would be our job to remember at this time who we really were and our purpose for incarnating. To heal from our many lifetimes on Earth and to see past the duality of the situation. To help others to do their healing and to teach truths about our Universe, helping others to remember who they truly are - the essence of light and love.

Part Three At this time of bringing our world into wholeness, it is important to hold deep in our hearts and our minds the truth that light and love and consciousness will manifest in our physical world as a reflection of our inner world. We are being given a chance now to change what happened - for Mother Earth to heal and for those who are ready, to advance spiritually. To shift from the reality of a fearful and controlled society to one of love and harmony infused with joyful expressions of creativity. Beings from many star systems surround our planet now preventing a total annihilation so that we may have time to do our healing, time to awaken and remember, and to learn about Universal truths. It is our job to heal ourselves and heal our world. We have much work to do. And as we do this work, may we hold unconditional love in our hearts for all beings. May we end the karmic patterns of hate and duality. May we extend an olive branch to all we meet. LOVE PEACE EMPOWERMENT



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