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Ask Kadian, January 15, 2017

Ask Kadian

Life Changing Decisions

You need courage for change and the bigger the change, the more courage you will need. Tonight, let's talk about increasing your courage in order for you to make those big decisions for the change you desire.

Guest Name, Rise' Harrington Medium

Rise' Profile pic
Rise' Harrington Medium
Medium and Author

Medium and Author Rise’ (Resa) Harrington has developed shared teachings from her own life experiences. These include the uphill climb from birth and trauma entity attachments, identity confusion, early childhood sexual molestation and multiple Demonic possession attempts. Her material is expanded by the shared experiences with hundreds of clients in her Mediumship Light Works.

Rise' receives higher metaphysical instruction and guidance from her Angels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters.

She began her climb into the light through her spiritual studies that enabled her own soul healing and culminated in the publication of her first book Guide Lights - Attune to Your Angels and Spirit Guides. This book documents the path that Rise' developed in healing her entity attachments by rising from the darkness into the light and growing vibrationally through the years beyond reach of the dark and Demonic forces. This makes her an effective mentor and healer for people with attachments, possessions and hauntings to raise themselves vibrationally in the same manner and to evolve into their highest expressions of soul self.

Rise' has practiced mediumship with the focus on understanding and assisting the Lost Soul population in the astral realms since 1999. She went public in her Mediumship Practice in 2013 offering Diagnostic Readings for Lost Soul Entity and Demonic Hauntings, Attachment and Possession with recommended treatment. She also offers Angel and Spirit Guide readings.

Rise’s spiritual life path has been greatly influenced by her 20 years of mostly career related world travels to the Far East, Europe and Egypt. Rise’ is a certified Medium at Angel University and a Minister of the Universal Life Church. She was raised in Los Gatos, California and now resides in San Diego County California.

She has been channeling Adameus (St Germain) privately for more than15 years and most recently has begun publicly channeling his higher self Spirit name Adameus.        


Temple of Health Radio Show, December 17, 2016

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan E. Kolb, banner

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb interviewing Dr Eric Love.

Topic: A Conversation About Rescue Remedy And The Bach Flower Remedies For Healing Yourself

Biography: Spoken of by many as one of the greatest living masters of the Bach Flower Remedies. He has the oldest ongoing classes in the Bach Flowers in the world, 45 years.

Guest Name, Cheryl L. Wheeler MA

Cheryl L. Wheeler MA
Cheryl L. Wheeler MA
Alternative & Spiritual Life Coach

Trained as a psychotherapist I've come to find a more fulfilling approach through the practice of Intuitive Transformational Coach. Transitioning from marketing and contract management, I was allowed the opportunity to return to school and study my life's dream of working with people in overcoming childhood trauma and abuse. Education includes a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology through Argosy University (2007), and in the home stretch of completing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. Also, pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. specializing in Transpersonal Counseling through the University of Sedona. Trained as a psychotherapist I've come to find a more fulfilling approach to helping others through the practice of "Transformational Coaching".

Guest, Amy Cohen

Guest Occupation: 
Practitioner for Emotional/Mental Health


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