Legacy Investment and Forums, February 15, 2017

Legacy Investment and Forums with Dr Terri Harrison

Legacy Investment and Forums with Dr Terri Harrison

Generational Curses: How our legacy is impacted. Pastor Joseph Lamar and First Lady Chantell Lamar will finalize this series

Guest Name, Judy Lair, M.A., CCP

Judy Lair, M.A., CCP
Judy Lair, M.A., CCP
Leadership Development Strategist, Certified Coach & Clinical Counselor

I have a M.A. in Clinical Counseling and certification as a Business Coach and Certified Coach Practitioner. I’ve had a highly successful private practice for 15 years, self-published 4 books, developed continuing education workshops for counselors, and speak at conferences and seminars, and enjoy guest spots on podcasts and radio programs. I love to travel the world with my son Ben.

Guest Name, Toni Quest

Toni Quest, Author, Artist, Educator
Toni Quest
Author, Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur

Toni Quest refers to herself as an entrepreneurial artist.  She seeks to   integrate her many gifts, talents and unique experiences she has been blessed with.

In her recently published memoir, Actualized, a Life in Progress, she candidly tells the stories within the story of her life. Actualized is based on the instructional plan she wrote in graduate school. The plan, Self-actualizing Portraiture ©  earned her an MAED in adult learning theory.

Toni Quest became an artist in 1994 after surviving a traumatic auto collision. Her multiple injuries left her head spinning, her boyfriend bolting and her heart and soul screaming. While recovering at home in much physical and emotional pain, she began painting faces giving birth to her Screaming Woman ® Series.

Toni Quest was named one of Westchester County’s 'Leading New Artists' in 2006. Her art was featured in the Westchester Arts Council’s Young Emerging Artists (YEA) exhibition.  Ms. Quest is one of the artists selected to participate in the 'James Brown, Visual Soul' exhibition in Augusta, GA. Her vibrant portraits of the legendary James Brown were exhibited in the May 2006 exhibition and celebration.

Her award-winning piece, 'U.S. in Us' is featured on the cover of the anthology, View from the Middle of the Road, Volume II, U.S. in Us ' (PRA Publishing). A selection of her poetry is featured in the anthology as well.

Although most of her work has been portraiture, Toni Quest is also a jewelry designer. She recently launched the Energy Stoners TM Jewelry Design Salon. Attendees gather, in the spirit of comradery, and enjoy food, wine tasting and music, while engaging in jewelry design instruction which features genuine quartz and other quality energy stones.

On occasion Toni will bring her easel and paint at public and private events.  She believes interacting with people generates energy and synergy. She taps into this force and blends it into her work.

In Actualized, and  through her paintings, TQ bears her soul as well as her affinity to the collective consciousness of humankind.  Her intent is to provoke emotion and thought, thus inspiring constructive communication about ones relationship to others and the world around us.

Ms. Quest teaches 'Self-Actualizing Portraiture ©, which is founded on how she taught herself self-portraiture after a debilitating accident in 1994. She later formally wrote the instructional design for this course while in graduate school in 2008. The instructional design focuses on the needs of combat veterans who suffer from the symptoms of PTSD.  

As a college professor, Toni Quest has taught psychology, sociology, geriatrics, academic writing and American history. She genuinely enjoys facilitating the active exchange of ideas between learners within the classroom setting.

Toni Quest can be seen interviewing interesting people on her cable tv talk  show, Talk with TQ, which also appears on Youtube.

Guest Name, Zhe Scott, The Seo Queen

Zhe Scott the SEO Queen
Zhe Scott, The Seo Queen
Chief Digital Strategist
Zhelinrentice L. Scott, The SEO Queen, is a creative, yet technical marketing & search engine optimization coach who achieves authentic success through building credible, visible, and profitable brands.
With an MIT degree in the science of information technology management, Zhe is a sought after digital marketing partner who procures tangible results for client companies. Wins on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are transparently tracked, monitored, and evaluated. Return on Investment is always considered when any digital marketing strategy is crafted.
Zhe not only has her finger on the pulse of today’s ever shifting tech scene, but also offers a credible track record. She has 20+ years experience in business development and entrepreneurial experience.
An acclaimed violinist, Zhe brings an artistic and strategic perspective to all marketing campaigns. She gives visibility to her client’s brand(s) through the application of her wisdom and technical expertise from 10+ years experience building websites, and employing the marketing fundamentals critical to her success in building over 200 digital marketing campaigns in over 200 niches, sectors, and industries worldwide all within in the past 5 years. Zhe serves her client’s needs with an extensive knowledge-base including Web Development, Web Master, Web Application Development, SEO, SEM, Link Building, Amazon SEO, Technical SEO, WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and beyond.
Unique value is not one size fits all.  Zhelinrentice guides individuals and businesses to find clarity, confidence and certainty in what authentic success means to them within the constraints of their budget and deadlines. Zhe’s efforts have generated millions of dollars in revenue cumulatively for clients. Utilizing her business development skill set she has also built a recurring book of business  worth over 500K for a Michigan based Digital Marketing Agency in two years.  Zhelinrentice L. Scott, is THE SEO QUEEN, and she looks forward to bringing added value to all facets of your marketing and SEO needs.

As You Wish Talk Radio, February 4, 2017

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland, as he talks about... 

the current Ascension Wave

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Global revaluation right around the corner

Legacy Investment and Forums, February 1, 2017

Legacy Investment and Forums with Dr Terri Harrison

Legacy Investment and Forums with Dr Terri Harrison

Guests, Pastor Joseph Lamar and Chantell Lamar - Generational Curses - How they affect your legacy


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