Lets Find Out, March 25, 2014

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 12:30 pm
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Lets Find Out
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Guest, Mark Dodich

Guest, Mark Dodich

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Mark Dodich
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World Renowned Astrologer
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~ Mark Francis Dodich

Mark Dodich has provided Astrology and Intuitive Consultations since 1980. Mark holds a C.A.P. (Certified Astrological Professional) from ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research). He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association, publishes his own newsletter, and is regularly featured in the media.

Mark is a regular speaker on astrological topics at conferences, fairs, and metaphysical venues. He provides his work internationally from his base in Portland, Oregon. Mark has had a monthly column in New Connexions Journal since the mind-1990's. He is also seen in print regularly, having published hundreds of articles. Mark is heard on on radio programs numerous times each year, and is on "Let's Find Out" every quarter at the Equinox or Solstice.

Metaphysical subjects and techniques that empower spiritual growth are a continual source of interest for Mark. His interest in esoteric subjects started while attending Kent State University, near his birthplace in Canton, Ohio. Mark was fascinated with the study of so-called primitive African tribes that could do telepathy, healing, and even had specific knowledge of stars that were not visible to the naked eye before the telescope was invented. He also studied a local spiritualist church camp to understand intuitive abilities, which he later learned were active in the elders of his own family (Catholics, in those days, did not speak of such things!).

Further studies included a healer/counselor certificate, and then a ministry certificate from the Arizona Metaphysical Society, Frank Alper, and the Church of Tzaddi (I am no longer affiliated with the church, and Frank has since made transition). Mark was a board member of the Church of Alice, a spiritualist church, for over 8 years. Mark also took numerous Native America-style medicine wheel training's from Sun Bear and other shamanistic teachings He is a past president of the Oregon Astrological Assn. (two terms) and past treasurer.

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Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce with special guest Mark Dodich

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Lets Find Out

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Elizabeth Joyce

What if you had a simple way to find answers to any question? A 'yes' or 'no' to any question you wished to ask. What if everyone had this access? The implications are phenomenal. What would happen to our judicial system if one could know the answer about how the crime was committed? There could be a clear and truthful answer about any- one's guilt. We all have the power to find our answers from within. We can access this 'invisible energy' and it will never let us down because it's always impersonal and there is never a motive to the answer received.

To inspire means to be filled with spirit. Dispirited means rejection, feelings of loss and defeat. When we are on a team we have 'team spirit' and when we are celebrating and someone is down, we say, 'get in the spirit'. But, just what is Spirit? Spirit refers to an unseen force, which never changes. However, its expression can change from one person to another and from one situation to another. This essence is vital, accessible, and determines our fate, our karma. When we die, Spirit leaves us, when we lose our Spirit, we die from lack of energy, faith, and the life essence.

This show is about how to open up to the power within ourselves. Spirituality is not a religion but a tool that enhances our human evolution. People can learn to come from 'loving responses' and begin to rely on their 'Gut reactions' as they work out their life problems. There can be a recovery of emotional turbulence, internal strife, creating peace when a person changes inside. Not by force, but by comprehension and new information. Learn how to visualize and then bring into reality of form that which you desire.

Elizabeth Joyce is a natural born psychic and spiritual teacher who will guide you into finding your own answers. So, everyone, Let's Find Out!


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