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Talk Show Program Information

Lena Live

Lena Live with Elyena Miremonde, banner
Show Host: 
Elyena Miremonde

The Lena Live Radio Hour has been awarded sponsorship from Calvary Hospital. 
We are honored by their support of our programming.

With the Lena Live Radio Hour—hosted by Prof. Lena Miremonde and produced by Julian Lampert—the world's most progressive voices come each week to our program to share the latest from the frontiers of science, medicine, the arts, politics, psychology, and economics.

With the syndication of our programming, we can now be heard on iTunes Radio, Tune-In Radio, and other radio networks.

Our guests have included Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Ketterle, Professor of Physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), New York State Senators Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Suzi Oppenheimer, the late UN Ambassador Jerome Shestack, and Carol Roth—CNBC contributor and New York Times Best-Selling Author. 

Please join us each Thursday evening at 7pm Eastern Time/4pm Pacific Time on BBS Station One. Our programming schedule and guest biographies can be found on our website here: http://www.miremondearts.org/lena-live-radio/

Weekly Show
Station 1
4:00 pm PT
4:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives

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FEATURED Talk Show Guests

Host Profile, Elyena Miremonde

Lena Miremonde
Lena Miremonde


- NY - USA - - LinkedIn - Julian Lampert -
Occupation: Journalist & Performance Psychologist

Lena Miremonde is internationally known as a musician, journalist and educator.

Using her expertise in the psychology of performance, she established an approach that applies to virtually all areas of human performance: from artistic expression to public-speaking, from academic achievement to developing self-confidence among young adults. Lena infuses an aura of music and art into nearly every area of conversation, whether it be medicine, politics, film-making, cooking, and more. Drawing from her rich background of life and work in Europe and the U.S., Lena’s shows often project ideas that are universal to listeners all over the globe.

For over thirty years, Elyena Miremonde has been applying her approach of integrating the arts into the lives of children and adults. In her mid-teens, she began teaching music to children as part of her own training as a concert-pianist.

Miremonde inherited a rich tradition of music in her studies with Theodore Gutman, at the Moscow Conservatory.  After obtaining degrees in musicology, performance and psychology, she emigrated to the United States with her family in the late 1970s. In New York, she worked with Dorothy Taubman, who created an extraordinary physiological approach to keyboard playing that became a part of Miremonde’s musical foundation.

For over ten years, Elyena Miremonde was on the faculty of the Taubman Institute of Piano. She also taught at the 92nd St. Y in New York, and was a Professor of Music at Rutgers University. Miremonde has given numerous lectures, master classes and workshops in the United States and in Europe on music, music history and the psychology of performance.

Her work caught the attention of Jerome Shestack, former U.N. Ambassador under the Carter Administration, who endorsed Miremonde’s work. This led to the formation for Miremonde Arts, which she directs with her son, Julian Lampert, her partner and Artistic Director of The Miremonde Arts Concert Series and its children's and adult's Music Workshops. Miremonde is currently host of the live call-in talk and interview radio show, “Lena Live!,”

Talk Show Feedback

Reader Feedback:


I am employed by BBS Radio and I was working in the studio yesterday when Doug put your show on - and then I heard a piece of music I know intimately - yet had not heard or played on the piano in so long - the opening of the 32 Goldberg Variations by Bach.  I got up and ran over to the speaker it was coming from and listened in respected silence  - the beauty of those notes and the nuances between them interpreted by your guest, Beth, was captivating.  I am used to listening to Glenn Gould, the Canadian Pianist, interpret these notes, and I happen to resonate deeply with his style.  But your guest Beth stood up next to Gould and grabed my attention whole heartedly. It gave me pause - and spoke to me.  Please let her know how much I appreciated her playing all through your show. Even though The Goldberg Variations were published in 1741, they are timeless treasures still.

Lena, thank you for all you bring to your listening audience and the care in which you deliver it.  I studied the Dorothy Taubman method under a teacher for a year when I was younger and it made all the difference in my approach to the piano.

Sincerely from a lover of Bach,

Debrah Emerson

PR/Marketing for BBS Network, Inc.

Comment Post:
Author: Debrah Emerson