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Elizabeth Summers
Elizabeth Summers


Expand listenership by tapping into the growing desire
to know what the future holds.

The intrigue around knowing destiny, or what to expect in the next day, week, or year drives the ever growing popularity of Numerology and Astrology readings –

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Kimesha Coleman, Self Esteem Enhancement Expert
Kimesha Coleman

I am love. I am the sweet aroma of confidence that fills the room. I am the voice of courage in your ear.

 But I didn't always exist in this persona.

Sexually violated by my favorite uncle left me feeling unworthy, dirty, and unloved. The torture and beating from my teenage boyfriend keep my self-esteem below zero leaving only room for self-hatred to fill in the gap. I searched for love in the corners of toxic relationships.

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Judy Lair, M.A., CCP
Judy Lair, M.A., CCP

As an expert in leadership development, I help clients become insightful, inspiring leaders and effective problem-solvers. A background as a Clinical Counselor gives me indepth understanding into the barriers keeping people from achieving success. In my Leading From Insight leadership development programs, I teach clients how to effectively approach problem-solving from a wider viewpoint. Developing insight provides innovative solutions to both task and people challenges.

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Toni Quest
Toni Quest, Author, Artist, Educator

Toni Quest refers to herself as an entrepreneurial artist.  She seeks to integrate her many gifts, talents and unique experiences she has been blessed with. In her recently published memoir, Actualized, a Life in Progress, she candidly tells the stories within the story of her life. She shares how the process of self-reflection revealed to her the  magic of Actualization.

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Carmen Bartolo
Award-winning journalist and NYT bestselling author, Jim Marrs.

Attn: Producer/Host - FAKE NEWS? Humans Could be Extinct in 1,000 years

FAKE NEWS? Humans could be extinct in 1,000 years

Hi Producer/Host, 

If my information is still correct, I have a parallel-universe interview of science vs. science fiction that could be a great fit for your show.

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Zhe Scott, The Seo Queen
Zhe Scott the SEO Queen

Consumers spend Billions of dollars on all kinds of  products annually. The Seo Queen, Zhelinrentice Scott would like to share with you effective strategies to empower all business owners to improve their visiblity on line and their revenue streams by capturing existing digital traffic looking for products like theirs.

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Kaye Bewley
Kaye Bewley

Donald Newsom gave me these details to pitch you by so, here goes!

BewleyBooks is a publishing service based in the UK that provides a platform for authors who 'Aspire to Inspire' the world to change for the better.

Two of the authors are American, Steve Kemp a fire fighter from Indianapolis, who has written a paranormal novel called 'Harry Dennison', and Bill Geringswald from Florida, who has just completed an intelligent non-fiction manual 'Infinite Possibilities - A Spiritual Awakening' which is designed to galvanise Americans into action - in a spiritual way. 

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Mark Susnow
Mark Susnow

Guest of your Show: Mark Susnow, author of the Soul of Uncertainty—a Fable for our Times

The Soul of Uncertainty: A Fable for our Times
In the midst of a storm, I looked up into the sky and knew that I would see the sun somewhere hidden in the clouds and the darkness, trying to peek through. It was then that I looked for the rainbow I knew would be there.

From the Soul of Uncertainty

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jonathan Carty
jonathan Carty

I would like to bring attention to various television shows that are being shown to the public in increasing numbers with an incredible amount of metaphysical, technological and futuristic disclosures that depict the very reality that we are being told about through many whistle-blowers right now.

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Dr Jeanine Staples
Dr. Jeanine Staples, Scholar. Educator. Coach.

Guest for Your Show: Dr. Jeanine Staples

Author of The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love in Self
Founder of the Supreme Love Project

Harvard Educated Professor and Coach Unleashes a Powerful Exploration of Black Women’s t/Terror In Love And Revolutions In Life

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