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Freedom's Flame Radio is intended to inspire anyone and everyone to be moved from a place of human limitation to True Freedom by learning about the I AM Presence and how to direct your attention to that Presence. Once you understand this, and apply the Laws of Energy to your Life using the I AM Presence Instruction long enough for the Kingdom of God to be lowered around you, it will set your being and world free and Liberate every part of your Life!

The following are areas we will discuss on the show through various venues of Ascended Master Showcases and Special Guest Co-Host Collaborations: • The Law of Energy; • Understanding what is real and what is unreal; • Using the understandings the Ascended Realms of Light have given to us; • How to stay anchored in Peace and take control back over your own energy fields; • How to stay balanced using application tools that get you free from discord as quickly as possible; • How to transmute energy using the violet flame, the law of forgiveness and advanced techniques in Ho'oponopono; • How to bring the true reality of your Divine Plan in so you can start working from your authentic self rather than from a mental standpoint of where you ‘think’ you should be or what you should be doing to what is actually authentic for you to be doing; • How to let go of old beliefs and dogmas on the spot using conscious shifting; • Learning about what works and what doesn't and why! And so much more!

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