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The NSA says it has Lost its (Non-Redacted UFO Files OMG what more bullshit Lies How Much More can the Psycohpath Parasite get away with this, Madness. *LINK*

New Study Reveals How You Can Upgrade Your Genes!

Rumor Rayelan was also on Mars, she says so, maybe they know one another? Who knows! Or did he read her Uber Gone Chronicles? :D *NM*

15 Amputees With A Brilliant Sense Of Humor


Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Govt Psyops *LINK* *PIC*

Alert! Class X sun flare early on 14th. Ebay in BIG trouble worldwide. Many bay servers down since hours. Rumors bay been hacked. Tell me ... is is this terrorIS M-IS or ISIL of (dot)il. False Flag? *PIC*
... or is it the start of the "extra-terrorestrial invasion" to save ill-oomi-nazis/ashke-nazis national zionist azzes from hell?
Yepeeh! Ebay IS back. Rumors be gone. All business options on the table. *NM*

Makes sense. Rises question: Who backs Putin, apart from 80% of Russian citizens and many sympathizers abroad, worldwide? Who or what empowers Putin?

!!!!!!!!! WOWOW !!! Alfred Webre: VIDEO – Kling & Webre Panel: Positive Timeline deconstructs catastrophic events, Israel’s use of 2014-15 Tetra Lunar Eclipses & Saturn-Moon Matrix? *LINK* *PIC*
Indeed, WOW WOW WOW :D Old sources say the present time moon was not always there. Amazing also, earth & moon move around one another similar to a simple electric motor with stator & rotor. *NM*

The evil days of the foul world dis-order slit-pupils zio-reptos of special demonic gene injected EVE-ILL mother line are numbered. As prophesied. Final judgement looming. Zisrael doomed. Amen. *NM* *PIC*

Remember. Remember. The Eleventh of September in 2001! 13 years ago / when zioscum lies, cheats and murders started to flow / around the globe / backed by media operas of soap.

Lance if we Had More Powerful Women and Men Come out Tell the truth NOW, In the NSA,FBI,DHS

Re: Angelina Jolie Waves at Fans, With Hand Looking To Belong To A 85 Year Old Person :D *NM*
Supposedly Nangelina Ugly's brain is even worse, shrinked, lots of deep wrinkles on all sides, poisoned by cosmetics, power drinks, diets and the greed for self-glorification. :D *NM*
Hello Jack bro i would add i see Psychopath Parasites not Just Actors and politic Actor i am seeing them in every day people heh. *NM*
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