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Police in New York City dumping ebola contaminated materials *NM* *LINK*

The REAL Awakening: The Event *LINK*

Veterans Today: PuppetGate, the Continuing Saga *LINK*

Has The Archonic Reincarnation Trap Been Dissolved? *LINK*
Why is Reincarnation a trap?

Reptilians And The Council Of 13 by Stewart Sverdlow *LINK*

A New Cartel...Silver?

The Hypnotic Power of Germ Propaganda by John Rappoport...good info on SARS and SWINE FLU...makes one challenge today's headlines!

Matthews and his latest...Ebola; ISIS; 2007; 2017; NESARA; Earth’s Golden Age master plan; decade of delay, cause and effect; foreknowledge of free will choices

Flying Man Buzzes Airbus 320 In Endland Flys 100 Metres of the Plane No Sing of Him On RADAR *LINK*
my guess: NSA 3D laser projection "Our Savior Messiah" realtime training of coming back from heaven but bad luck: queers, feminists and transes demand equal rights for landing .... gosh! :D
They will probably claim it is Maitreya *NM*

Webots predictions based on headlines seen ...I took a peek at half past humans website.... The gloomy side
They show us pics of 'ebola virus' looking like virile genitals (sic!), down or upright, 666 symbolism, many colours ... all fake! A virus NEVER has the shape of a worm. Molding masses minds! Idiots! *PIC*

Hello All Here At BBsradio ,and TNT Bulletin Board, Thank You for all the Post you have did (IN KNOWLEDGE)
The Music RoCks Here at Bbs as Well :) *NM*
Good luck, Bro. Being curious where you will go? Computers? No internet cafés on your way? Looking forward to hear from you again. Best wishes! ;)
appealing, inspiring lyrics :D *NM*
Hope your move goes well *NM*

A questin for Old Man Jr - you had posted once about Beta 1 "glucan"? Please to clarify that I have right name ...
DrumSpirit, as to your question, here you go...
I am reading up on this brand *LINK*
Haha see we crossed wires :D

If Ebola really was spread from person to person, instead of controlled spread through vaccination – then WHY would the CDC and the US Gov't allow flights in and out of these countries?

You have a good, efficient, moneysaving attitude towards the automakers! Congrats! :D *NM*

This would make an excellent TV series for Jack Bauer, running here, there and everywhere...Did the dragon family take control of the Federal Reserve Board?

Dolores Cannon, has passed *LINK*
I wish her well. Thanks for the hint and the link that tells us Masaru Emoto passed on October 17th, 3 days ago.
Thank you so much for your consideration for your post.. I had not yet heard that she had crossed. I feel even more fortunate to have seen her at this years UFO conference. Hard to believe she was

The BBS Radio app? When I do a search in apps, what I get is an app for a south Korean station app.

Ty Bollinger the man behind says,we’ve interviewed 51 experts, to get their opinions and expertise, and not all 51 will agree 100% on every single thing.

Re: Proof that the Human Body IS a PERJECTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS A Holographic Perjection and We Have COMPLETE CONTROL Great Post Oldman
Hello Peristalsis Yes i agree With You Would Add Perception Of Understanding and We Each have an Opinion and Then there is Gnosis ONE WHO KNOWS anyways Have a Great day :) *NM*

The first 2 episodes are still available for the
Some "sweet" info bites...see if this is new to you...
I learnt during my chemical studies about clockwise and counter-clockwise spiraling organic molecules and that the spiraling direction makes a big difference, a natural substance 'mirrored' with ....
How to survive negative info (however informative it may be).
Olmanjr Words Of Count St Germain Said Rings a Bell~ Not loving Or Hating Just Being And Let Be, (Emotion Of Love Energy Cord Emotion of Hate Energy Cord *LINK*

VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to National Security Hack!) *LINK*
Gordon claims "Billions have been lost during the last 10 days". That's BS. If it were real worth (gold, silver or similar) it cannot evaporate. Only digitals or figures on paper? Who cares?
Very good points! *NM*
I am curious Jack, which theory on Ebola do you feel is the most accurate? *NM*
in this case (many others also 80-90%) Jack is in sync with Jim, the stone thrower, pardon me, the 'free lance' journalist Stone though he's not the only and not the first one who rejects ebo-lies :D
I see, thank you for your feedback. That info resonated with me but I am a bit apprehensive due to being in close proximity to the dallas region

I Like The One the Women Who could see 20 Times Better than Advarage Person Called Eagle Vision :) *NM*
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