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been there?
Done That...

Cosmic Awakening Show- What You Need To Know About The False Light- Lance White *LINK* *PIC*
Lance, your lines in the hand resp. palm are very similar to mine, clearly distinguishable heart line, head line, life line. Life line is well carved & very long, so expect to get MANY MORE years :D
Hi Jack ! *PIC*
Thanks for your detailed reply. You know pretty much about hand lines. Also, if you're a righty then your left hand lines show the layout, your right hand the impact by your vita ;)

Jack, I have creeps not that far from me but it looks like your neighborhood might be visited by some creepy people as well... This was in info wars.. They think they found the location of the next *LINK*
Ah ya, the Builderquirks! LOL! Methinks they're highly over-estimated. I don't know this hotel but the area around, been there for skiing. Would prefer Gerlos, Zillertal, east of Innsbruck :D
Stunning pics of beautiful places.... Thanks for sharing... Yeah it is hard to decipher who to trust these days *NM*

Ben Fulford and David Wilcock on Russian TV: Cabal Defeat is Looming *LINK* *PIC*

Thanks - that was a Really Kewl Video! *NM*
Yep Lance i agree the other trucker Video i had has been removed from youtube showed trucker going in and stoping on like a really big elavator
Re: Yep Lance i agree the other trucker Video i had has been removed from youtube showed trucker going in and stoping on like a really big elavator
I dont remember if same guy yet it was same place Springfield MO lance i will do some Research see what i come up with Ok Brother. :) *NM*
UnderGround US Government Bases Exposed, 2341 FT below Surface,and 689 FT below Sea Level, Lance or Jack Anyone have Obsevation on this *LINK*
Video censored by yewtube "not avaliable". Stepped on anti-mankind mafia's toes? *NM*
That info makes me a bit angry... That they have those tunnels in a cave in Springfield which a lot of people could have evacuated to during tornadoes that hit Joplin MO which is not that far!!!
Wondering why average citizen houses in US of A MUST be built as light-weight wooden structures without solid underground basement?
I did not know about restrictions such as that. Would not suprise me. I heard bricks do not hold together in earthquakes- though- there are a lot of brick homes here in Arkansas... Not in CA though *NM*
Apart from California most regions of US are endangered by fire, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes where solid, heavy stone houses would offer better protection.
That's amazing... I was thinking of the rectangular bricks which do poorly in an earthquake.. So cool to know irregular stones are more stable... Makes sense now thinking about what you said. Horrible
seems as if they're preparing to save their rotten aZZes during the Final Countdown .... with Rossiya? Powers of the Sea vs Powers of the Land? Or something extra-terrestrial coming in? *NM*
hello friend Of The Flock and jack i would add the Elite will be hung out to dry thinking underground will save them lmao :D *NM*
if I recall it right, Edgar Cacye said something similar, he also said help for manKIND would come out of Russia, that's why the evil forces want to start war on Russia with lies, cheats, false flags *NM*
I have a crush on Putin cause he's going to save all of us !! :-)
Gordon Duff admitted that about 40% of his STUFF is intentional DISINFO (see also jimstonefreelance). So, whom does he serve? How discern DIS from TRUE? *NM*
Then if 40% is dis info that means it IS a fake alien invasion... Not really a bunch of Reptilians taking up residence on the continent of Africa - that was disturbing to hear that interview *NM*

Shocking, gosh I had no idea until you politely educated me
since the end of the draft US Military was changed into a professional high tech killing machine, they've mostly well paid technicians and engineers, high ranking specialists at their command centers
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