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Avoiding the Sun's Rays is a Misinformed Trend Causing Global Rise in Cancers
Exactly! :D The Evil Ones are turning everything upside down. No lie too brazen for them! Sales Promotion of Sun Protect Smear Crap now even (mis)uses young children to mislead and cheat. *NM*
How the NSA broke TRILLIONS of encrypted connections. Seems like another way of saying, “You are not alone!”
Tiger Beer Turned Air Pollution into Ink, and Had Artists Try It Out. One pen contains 40 minutes of diesel exhaust.
Soros' ilk might like to promote this dirt for Ewe World Odor Arts like tattooing or sleazy slut blew jeans dressing ... who knows :D FDA will say: no chemical analysis? it's food grade safe? :D
as with tattoo ink (ewe world odor stink), no chemical analysis necessary, it's all natural, cause it's like bee pollution and green new clear plants, ya know :D
Brazil Health Officials: Zika Virus Is NOT Responsible For Rise In Birth Defects, It’s Something Else.
California bill AB 1671 specifically seeks to protect “healthcare providers” from “exposure” via “undercover recordings” documenting their crimes.
CERN CON con-cern. Happenstance, CERN letter numbers sum up to 13, swISS city called SION (french for ZION) how fitting IS thIS? Swiss guards protect vat-iCAN in ROMA reverse of AMOR. NOISy? :D *PIC*
These frequency sites may improve health.
We are experiencing 100,000,000 times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents. Yes a hundred million!
Sad to say, it affects everything, animals, plants, water vapour in our (atmos-) breathing-sphere. Maybe it's the final nail to end the fifth(?) cycle of humanoids on planet earth ... ?
That's incredible. No wonder we are evolving quickly (?) *NM*
quickly or rather sickly? (just for the rhyming, I've seen your question mark ;) ) *NM* *PIC*
Laura Wilde: Blumen im Asphalt - Flowers in Tarmac *PIC*
Government Advises Airlines to Spray Pesticides on Passengers. What is the dominant dynamic here, hate or stupidity?
Refreshing OZONizers can as well neutralize passengers' body exhaustions. But, if ICTS et al are in charge of onboard hygiene and security - who wonders any more? *NM*
Bullsh*t story of the week...“Chemtrails” not real, say leading atmospheric science experts.
"leading atmospheric science experts" Ouch! LOL! Leading whom? The PokeMon Go sheeple? Also: What's a "science expert"? A super-duper scientist? Or say-an-tist? :D
Hey Mr. Scientist...say what you are told to say. Well there you go! Beautiful insight! *NM*
NO body, NO demon, NO pussy, NO Biden tells me what to say! :D - On top: Bark Suckaburgs can keep their foolshat to themselves. Clowns be Clowns .... or is it Clones? Both, maybe? :D *PIC*
Electrical Transmission in Different Dimensions from Energy Times Newsletter
I did buy what is called, “The Lemurian Plug”!
I still really like my Lemurian Plug!
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