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Flight Over Paradise Lake, Butte County, California. Going down south: Oroville Dam Secrets Revealed? *PIC*
a few month ago when I woke up in the morning the word HYATT suddenly popped up in my mind *PIC*
I doubt we would ever see POS Peel Oh'See, POS Die Anne Finestain or POS Gee Suit Brownie anywhere close in a touching pose like this *NM* *PIC*
How to remove ransomware the right way: A step-by-step guide
See below: How could this concrete ransomware be removed the right way? :D *PIC*
An attack can bypass ASLR protection on at least 22 processor micro-architectures from popular vendors like Intel, AMD, ARM, Allwinner, Nvidia, and others.
cross-browser fingerprinting technique — the first reliable technique to accurately track users across multiple browsers - goodbye privacy! aka "Russia Today" now blocked? To make Marraka GREAT again? *PIC*
still can watch RT via satellite, good reporting on Oroville Dam, lot of important aspects, and then, what a shame for US Mud Stream Media commie crooks, they don't want to inform the people correctly
Thousands of medical studies are wrong, useless, irrelevant, deceptive—and the medical journals know it, and they’re doing nothing useful about it. (Emphasis is mine!)
Jesuit Oroville Orchestra? Conductor Malta Moonbeam to start 2nd part soon? "climate change drums, a few beats of manmade earthquakes, mighty sound in underground, kaboom kaboom sudden dam break doom" *PIC*
They have blocked the only working live cam though it didn't show much from its angle. What's really going on? *PIC*
forgot to mention Silly Sally's double crypto-ewe hand sign *NM* *PIC*
clouds thickening, (h)or(r)oville disaster due to intentional negligence appears to be sorts of Planned Victimhood controlled by foreign, anti-human mafia to further NWO agenda *PIC*
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oroville, orwell, horrorville, overspill ... associations such as prophecies, weather warfare, overdue big one, cali-yuga
Universal laws in effect?? Possibly 20 million people depend on the dam for drinking water. Someone somewhere has to be sweating! *NM*
aaah ya! asshole from local 'incident management' was blathering "we do not anticipate an overflow of the emergency spill dam" .... he and his dunces should be cast out of office into the overflow
serious word play: thrill of oroville spill is so ill, so ill ill uminati - if you try to get the whole picture. Tchernobyl. 911(!) WTC. Katrina. Deepwater Horizon. Fukushima. Remember 3 Miles Island? *PIC*
13th(!) they let the cat out of the bag: Oroville Dam Feds and State Officials ignored warnings 12 years ago. *PIC*
A Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion…not a rant! An easy to understand xhort talk that questions scientific beliefs.
Isn't the label 'scientific belief' a contradiction in itself? This article also reminds me of the great book Deliberately Dumbing Down Of America exposing the totally sick and perverted school system
Hello, Don and Doug! How far is it from Paradise to Oroville Dam? Are you okay and in a safe area in case the dam spills over or even breaks up? Greetings and best wishes! ;)
GREETINGS. And thank you
my mind is close to your location right now, 17 miles or 28 km :D watching sunrise live, Paradise north-northwest at the horizon? *PIC*
Oroville Dam reached maximum at 3:00am this morning and still rising? :O *NM* *PIC*
water level still rising, web cam now zooming in and out, we can see the entrance of the spillway from lakeside, huge clouds of dispersed water where the spillway is broken and still widening
Oroville Dam has spilt over at 8:30am. Imagine, when flowing fast, water rubs into the ground like a chain saw, what will happen, then? *PIC*
It looks like a snake from its inside omg, I see it Jack... *NM*
It's called Pope Paul VI Audience Hall. Even from the outside the shape of the hall resembles the head of a rattle snake.
Re: BANK OF AMERICA = BOA. It's the snake, their money business is fake. Yes, it's all about total con-trolling.
No! I didn't make it. It's the view from the entrance into a Jesuit-Vatican assembly hall in Rome. It looks like the head of a giant snake, can you see it? ;)
Re: No! I didn't make it. It's the view from the entrance into a Jesuit-Vatican assembly hall in Rome. It looks like the head of a giant snake, can you see it? ;)
Another month has flown by and a new message from Matthew.
Via Japan Times, the level of radiation inside the containment vessel of reactor 2 is now estimated to be “530 sieverts per hour”… 1 dose of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks.
Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science
Say what? rUSsiA ruled by creeptoe yehudaism? :O and Donald Trump is just another member of the ILLoomiNaZis? :O *PIC*
No joke! No chicken shat either: Patriotic Chicken Playing Keyboard Piano! :D WOW!
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