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Benjamin Fulford posts..."Now that Trump is president the real horse trading begins." It will be interesting to see how it all works out.
One reason the elites do not respect ordinary people...(some) Women’s March Attendees Show Themselves to be Fools. The title may be a bit unfair but the video makes a point.
Reporters tell Jon Rappoport the truth off the record: the fake news business
The Real Donald Trump *NM* *LINK*
Who's in Trump's Cabinet *LINK*
january 20, 2017 good cartoon I copied from a Forum
Inauguration MIS-SOUR-i State University Chorus sounds TERRIBLE! Shrieking. Screaming. Disharmonic. And then: Chuck Shumer! Liar! Hubris! War Monger POS blather. Worst choice!
Friday 20th January 2017 = 2+1+2+1+7 = 13. What a coincidence! Not?
Re: Friday 20th January 2017 = 2+1+2+1+7 = 13. What a coincidence! Not?
to endorse your insight ;) *NM* *PIC*
Chuck Shumer's most disgusting speech at the inauguration (apart from the first-of-all rabbi's blather)
Re: Chuck Shumer's most disgusting speech at the inauguration (apart from the first-of-all rabbi's blather) *LINK*
Aha! The Shumeric clips I embedded don't show up anymore. Too much of self-exposure?
The videos show up fine here *NM*
Thanks! I checked it one more time. Now they are back, embedded and running. *NM*
yesterday access from my place to BBS was blocked again and again, today Jim Stone's site is cut off but comes up after trying several times or
The giant pig farm disaster: a medical hoax and cover story. The full truth has never been told—until now.
Clif High has questions/concerns about what David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake(?) have posted on the Net. Excellent audio quality.
Air Crete Dome House *LINK*
Re: Air Crete Dome House...awesome idea and technology! Potentially disruptive but could be a big money maker for the industry! I will learn more! Thanks for posting!!! *NM*
I have to revise my opinion. Aircrete is structurally weak. Did notice a lot of alternative building material info accompanying the original YouTube link. *NM*
Hello! I use "AirCrete" since I started house renovation. One brand is YTONG. You can have high reliability blocks in many shapes for multiple purposes. Similar brand is LIAPOR, very strong.
I saw the Ytong videos. If we live in multiverses, multi-dimensions and multi-time lines, it'd be neat to be able to see how all of me/you is doing... *NM*
German Investigative Journalist, Author of Many Bestsellers Dr. Udo Ulfkotte Passed 13th January 2017. Merkel Happy Now? *PIC*
sorry, made a mistake, it's 20 video clips not 21, last one slipped in twice *NM*
Udo Ulfkotte mentioned by Sorcha Faal several times, today, 18th, even on top. *PIC*
sorry, embedded link to Sorcha Faal wrong, second try *PIC*
extreme weather conditions in Central Europe since three weeks *PIC*
Funny .. This is where I come when nothing else matters. Get my drift? *LINK*
YES, methinks I got your drift, my brain in recovery modus ... ;)
But I would never do that ....
Baby, I did not say it was a pic of your self :D Canadian company is Maple LIFEsciences, not maple leaf. Prepping more good infos for you. Clay made Indian 'mouse house' is very attractive :D
I would likely never have thought of this new perspective of health based on the Quantum Field. So different from the present approach.
Dr. John Bergman - Obama Care & The Failing Medical System + What to Do About It
David Wilcock and others have written about the “Secret Space Program”. Some people can’t comprehend such a program. However…
DNC Russian Hackers Found! You Won’t Believe Who They Really Work For…Well maybe you might! Reminds me of the saying, "You only see in others what is already in you!"
I never relied on McAfee and never trusted ZoneAlarm since it was taken over by Israel based Check Point SoftTech Ltd.
Peter Lindemann has announced his retirement from the field of Free Energy. You likely never heard of him but his farewell post is worth reading. Give it a try?
So much wisdom! Thanks a lot! - I hope and wish Natural Philospher Peter will enjoy the coming years and not be taken out by 'sudden unexpected(?) death' or 'suicide'. *PIC*
compared to this one, Tanja Lesch, Germany March 2016 (no offensive stupid lyrics)
Tanja LAsch, sorry *NM*
But also making devil hand-sign, black & white lucy dressing and so on. They seem to own everybody in the big music business, sigh :( so disgusting; satan peg out! *NM*
makes sense, worthwhile reading ;) *NM*
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